Speech Story Arc

Exposition – Introduce Elizabeth’s Taylor prominent acting roles and impact. Her beauty caused people to doubt her talent and intellect. Incorporate earlier years into this introduction. Social reform Inciting incident/conflict – Gay actor Rock Hudson dies from HIV. Elizabeth is… Continue Reading →

Eminent Introductory Post – Elizabeth Taylor!

I always find pleasure in observing stars in the old Hollywood era. My nights as a child were spent vigorously watching old films. Instead of the loud, chaotic cluster of sounds and cheesy jokes that tumbled through many films in… Continue Reading →

Dad is Dying

     Sam throws himself and his family down a spiral of peculiar events when he lies about the nature of his distressing situation. In the conclusion of the story, Sam’s family appears untroubled. His beloved canine companion is happy,… Continue Reading →


I walk on four legs after my birth, two when I am full grown, and three when I get older. What am I?  

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