Exposition – Introduce Elizabeth’s Taylor prominent acting roles and impact. Her beauty caused people to doubt her talent and intellect. Incorporate earlier years into this introduction. Social reform

Inciting incident/conflict – Gay actor Rock Hudson dies from HIV. Elizabeth is furious with the public’s scrutiny of the LGBT community and wishes to use her fame to speak up for her friends and many others impacted by HIV. Her secretary, HIV positive Roger Wall, commits suicide. Her daughter in law Aileen Getty is diagnosed with AIDS.

Rising action 1 – Elizabeth co founds the American foundation for AIDS research. She raises $1.3 million at an event.

Rising action 2 – Elizabeth bluntly voices her opinion of George Bush and Ronald Reagan visa restrictions for those affected by HIV at a highly publicized event.

Rising action 3 – Elizabeth wants to take more of her own initiative. She founds the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS foundation, and begins the Red Ribbon campaign, bringing HIV/AIDS into the public to decrease social stigma.

Climax – Elizabeth poses in a controversial cover for Vanity Fair. Protests commence, including the aggressive Westboro Baptist Church

Falling action 1- Elizabeth ignores the backlash she faces. She receives the lifetime achievement award for humanitarian service.

Falling action 2- She speaks out at GLAAD, advocating for gay rights, and is given more awards.

Resolution – She passes away at the age of 79. Elizabeth Taylor Human Rights award is created, urging others to follow in her humanitarian footsteps.