It’s time to pay homage to extremely helpful resources I used in my search for information.

The foundation site provides an in-depth and organized timeline of the history of the foundation. It explores many campaigns, social events, international projects, and some personal life events. Various videos and photo galleries display historical events and speeches, adding to a timeline that spans from the very beginning of Elizabeth’s life to her final days.

A well-written, outspoken article, this piece demonstrates Elizabeth’s tendency to speak in an admirably blunt manner. It quotes several iconic speeches and highlights the authenticity and brutal honesty Elizabeth utilized to support her cause. It touches on relationships, affairs, AIDS activism, and Elizabeth’s many close friends and significant relations.

Discussing Elizabeth’s acting career, this site explores the progressive nature of Elizabeth’s roles and public persona, looking past her surface beauty and romantic storylines. It provides an interesting outlook on her eminence in the world of acting, and how she pushed the boundaries of traditional, stereotypical roles. The article argues that Elizabeth was a subtle feminist through her thirst for dynamic female roles and the range of authentic emotion she showcased in her characters.

Mentioned in the previous resource, this book is a comprehensive look into the glamour of Elizabeth’s life and how her resilient nature inspires many other women in the world. The well-organized and chronological chapters offer specific details into events and even personal conversations she had with others. Due to the strict rules of her acting agency, the book shows that Elizabeth faced immense pressure as a child and the book partly revolves around the struggle between public and private life.

This site offers specific videos covering Elizabeth’s legacy. They discuss her as a cultural icon, an activism role model, a beauty/jewelry phenom, and as an innocent child star.