For my Zip project, I will be researching and looking into poetic tools used in songwriting.


My question is as follows:


What figurative language is used to enhance the emotional impact of a song?


I have always had an interest in songs, especially rap music, and would like to analyze and observe several impactful songs and look at what poetic tools they employ. It excites me how songwriting and instrumentals can work together to create a piece of work that provides an immersive, significant experience for the listener.


I feel as if songwriting and poetry is a non-restrictive way for one to express their inner ideas and feelings. However, when we listen to a song, we tend to overlook the lyrics rather than acknowledging the deeper meaning within and the tools songwriters use that are often also utilized in poetry. In a sense, I believe songs are a form of poetry, so I am incredibly intrigued in the link between the two.


I currently have some background experience with poetry, but little experience with analyzing song lyrics and songwriting. I have a musical background in music theory and piano, but lack any experience with song or rap. I believe my experience with poetry will greatly help me understand various aspects of my project, and possibly my music theory as well.


Throughout the course of this project I hope to strengthen several of my skills, and also open up and express myself freely. I hope to gain further knowledge concerning various poetic devices and hope to employ them in any future poetry I may write. Another skill I would like to strengthen is my analytical skill, as I look at various iconic songs and examples.


For support throughout this project, I can approach many musicians and songwriters in the TALONS community. I know a large number of people in the school who write their own music, or are involved in poetry. Other possible resources include looking at various poetry books and conducting interviews with songwriters.


At the end of my inquiry, I am planning to either write a collection of rap songs (because i CANNOT sing), or possibly collaborate with someone who can actually sing/rap well to perform the lyrics I write. I will go through my songs and list off all the figurative language and poetic tools I used throughout. I may also compile a presentation of analysis on several different songs as a reflection of my studies.


My very tentative schedule:


December 5: Proposal done

December 10: Finish basic research on figurative language used and impacts (just finding what tools they use)

December 15th: Finish analyzing song examples and exploring usage in popular, well-recognized music. Rather than simply looking at which tools are used, I will delve deeper to look at how they are actually integrated and impactful

December 15th-22nd: Write a song!