Throughout the past week, our class watched John Maxwell’s guide to being a REAL success. I was introduced to a variety of new points and techniques to strengthen myself as both a team member and a leader.┬áThe main principle I learned was that leadership is not simply a black and white skill. It requires a cohort of various techniques and attributes to become a real leader, and isn’t just an individual based concept. Leadership is both a community and an individual trait, and a leader and the team are interdependent.

We discussed the significance of relationships. We were taught how to form healthy relationships and communicate effectively with others. Relationships and teamwork are the basis of many of the activities and projects we do in TALONS. Since we are such a diverse classroom, we must be able to recognize different communication methods of learners and expand on others’ ideas. Our classroom is a network of relationships, and to fully succeed on endeavours such as retreats and adventure trips we must ensure we have healthy, mutual relationships that allow us to collaborate and form strong bonds. Relationships tie in with equipping others. To have the most effective and strong team, we must use our own strengths and resources to strengthen others. Having an exchange of perspectives and knowledge allows for a flexible, open-minded team. In leadership, you must expand your perspective and worldview to other people. This broadens your scope of knowledge and strengthens your listening skills so you develop a genuine interest and compassion for others. In a sense, your ability to equip others and communicate relies on your own attitude. In TALONS, having a positive, growth mindset allows you to sustain your motivation and continue growing with drive and passion. Failure or little mistakes are inevitable, especially on fast-paced trips or cultural events, and we must view these little mistakes as valuable experiences to grow on. Thus, our attitudes are often shown in our trip evaluations and reflections. We can choose to dwell on our failures in a negative light, or to acknowledge our mistakes and think about them in a reflective manner. Lastly, we discussed the idea of leadership as a whole. One of the TALONS program’s core principles is leadership, and taking your own initiative to grow yourself and your team. Leadership is one of the keys to success, and is used in academics, athletics, and other areas. Your level of leadership determines your success (the Law of the Lid), and a need for sufficient leadership skills is required in your journey to becoming a happy, successful individual.