My chosen event is the Stonewall Riots, which were a series of unabashedly aggressive protests and clashes in retaliation to the police’s raid of the Stonewall Inn. This in turn led to the Gay Liberation movement, which is primarily what I’m discussing.

2. The Gay Liberation movement closely resembles the movement for women’s rights, which was fuelled by the law-defying protests and outspoken demonstrations of the Suffragettes. Both movements used acts of defiance to draw attention to their cause. These demonstrations often resulted in violence from law enforcement, which attracted negative attention to police enforcement and caused people to question their trust in the law and its moral compass. Outrage at violence and brutality easily transformed into support for both movements, and recognition of how women and LGBTQ+ were depraved of basic human treatment. The decline of social stigma was a large underlying movement. Social outlook and contact with taboo topics greatly influenced the amiability of the public and their perception on civil rights. The perils and stories of the fights  created icons and symbols for future activists to look upon, portraying an image of unapologetic honesty and determination which we convey today in our society.

3.  The wheel represents an added amount of justice for those involved, but is still continuing and evolving. The pursuit of change for LGBTQ+ people is not a black and white movement in which a certain degree of justice must be achieved. Groups and activists are continuing to target issues and stigma that may still plague our society. The revolution goes on as LGBTQ+ individuals strive to be perceived as equals, rather than as a rarity. LGBTQ+ people now can marry and work in the U.S. but still lack privilege in other third world countries with rigid, pre-established norms. In general, the consequences of the Gay Liberation movement are positive, as it has set a solid stepping stone for modern revolution and continued activism to step off of, as the movement begins to pinpoint smaller, specific goals and social issues.



‘After Stonewall’ and Gay and Lesbian Liberation in Western Canada…stonewall-uprising/272467/