Mother Sutton,

I hear their rushed whispers about me, and the stares that follow me as I stroll around town. The people stare at me, they speak of you in frantic exclamations. Master Enger has spread his lies about us, claiming that we have murdered his lifestock, the horses and swine that once roamed his land. Mother, I think it is time we leave, as the rumours have grown more and more intricate and it is not safe for us anymore.

They are speaking of throwing me into the depths of raging water, hand and feet tied, merciless. I beg for you to consider my innocence, and save me from my fate. If I drown, I am innocent, and though I may die, I am proven of my loyalty and innocence to God. I cannot bear to imagine the uproar of the village, and the cruel fate I must face if I sink. The thought of being burned, alive, forever remembered as a sin, an evil entity, will put me to shame for eternity. I will be a disgusting creature in Heaven’s eyes, a servant of the Devil.

King James has been relentless in his pursuit of us, and others accused. I see rows of women marching through the streets, heads hung, with rope around their necks. He has his men out for us. God has chosen to punish us, and for what, I still do not know.

I wish for you to believe of my innocence, and pray to save me and bring me redemption.


Mary Sutton.