so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.



dol – Canada Roaring 20s

Cause and Consequence The roaring 20s was the period directly following World War I. As such, Canadians were eager to enjoy life, leading to increased innovation, consumerism, and prosperity. Canada underwent significant cultural, political and economic change. The beginning of… Continue Reading →

Math Art with Functions!

The link to my rendition of Mike Wazowski doing the sine function dance:     For this project, I decided to choose Mike Wazowski. I drew inspiration from childhood movie characters and thought Mike would be a fun challenge. I… Continue Reading →

Independent Novel Study Speech

Hook:   Crowds love a good outfit. Crowds love a good performer. And crowds love national pride. These were the things Emily Pauline Johnson embodied when she was an admired performer and poet of Canada. When Canada was a small… Continue Reading →

Sir John A. Macdonald: The Canadian Patriot

  In an age of progressing social views, Canadian values are shifting to adapt to the growing discourse around minority groups and historical figures. As information about John A Macdonald’s controversial legacy is resurfacing in the eyes of the general… Continue Reading →

Canadian Biography Check-in: Flint and Feather by Charlotte Gray

Indian graves and Indian memories will fade as night goes on. Forgive the wrongs my children did to you, And we, the redskins, will forgive you too.   Canadian Identity: E Pauline Johnson’s “Ode to Brant” illustrates the shift in… Continue Reading →

DoL – Is Canada a “post-national” state?

Canada’s myriad of cultural, social, and economic differences within its physical borders poses questions of ambiguity about Canadian identity. Canada is a nation with national values that result in economic and social success. Canadian identity shares the values of “openness,… Continue Reading →

Romeo and Juliet Act II: Critical Response

Question 1 The turbulence of infatuation characterizes the relationships of many young people in their first encounters with love. In William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, two star-crossed lovers from rival families fall madly in love and decided to get married,… Continue Reading →

Zip Final Post

What is your inquiry question? What initially drew you to this question? Did your question stay the same, or did it change over time? Why? My inquiry question is “what makes an effective blog post?” Initially, I was drawn to this question… Continue Reading →

Zip 3 DoL

Take a moment to reflect on your inquiry plan. Do you need to make any revisions to your original plan? If so, why? After several blocks of in-class time, I’ve realized that blogging is less research-intensive than I thought. The… Continue Reading →

Zip 2 – January 9th and 10th

Record a journal entry of how you used one of our in-class focus blocks What did you accomplish during this time? What did you struggle with? What might be your next step in your nex focus block? Set a goal…. Continue Reading →

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