so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.



Final In-depth Post!

It has been a long journey! My experience with music production has been rewarding, challenging, and overall quite enjoyable. Initially, I was faced with a seemingly insurmountable task. The endless gadgets and controls in an intimidating program honestly caused me… Continue Reading →

In depth week 11

I’ve made two official short tracks apart from my demo so far. One of them is a relaxing, lo-fi beat, whereas with the other one I experimented with faster rhythm and tools to create buildup. The learning process has been… Continue Reading →

In depth Week 5

The past few weeks have been very relaxed but helpful in familiarizing me to the program I’m using. I initially was incredibly overwhelmed by the seemingly endless controls and terminology that were displayed in Ableton, but after learning more about… Continue Reading →

In Depth Week 3 Post

This week, I met with my mentor, Kody, and we had a very insightful session. I learned about his personal experience with music production and some basics of the program I will be using. Kody did music production for his… Continue Reading →

In-depth Introductory Post

I am extremely excited to start my in-depth project this year! I will be working on electronic music production, specifically on making more mellow beats with sampling rather than progressive/big room tunes. That’s a lot of EDM terminology. Basically, I’ll… Continue Reading →

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